The HROM School of Transformation is designed to help you grow in your identity, equip you to fulfill your destiny, and activate you to be a catalyst of transformation in your spheres of influence.  It’s an exciting journey of discovery and adventure!

Curriculum includes:

•Biblical studies and discussions

•Video teachings by renown leaders and teachers

•Assigned book reading and creative presentations

•Identity and spiritual gifts training and activation

•Growing in community


•Building leadership skills 

Jesus said we would do even greater things than He did, and that signs and wonders would follow those who believe. We fully believe the mandate of Matthew 10:8 is the normal and expected lifestyle intended for every believer in Christ Jesus. 


"People come from different places but come with the right heart, and that makes us unified in Christ."

— Melanie G., HROM School of Transformation graduate


Request information and a registration forms at:

Healing Rooms of Manatee

4535 26th Street W.

(941) 755-1304 •